The Voice of the Dolphins by Hardy Jones





The Voice of the Dolphins

By Hardy Jones

Testimonials - Praise for The Voice of the Dolphins

+ Testimonial from Captain Paul Watson – Sea Shepherd, Whale Wars
Every movement has its genesis, a point where an action seeds an awareness that blossoms into inspiration that evolves into a crusade. In the Seventies, filmmaker Hardy Jones began to focus his eye on the dolphins, in a journalistic odyssey that first exposed the atrocities at Iki and Taiji in Japan, giving birth to this global campaign whose voice has become viral, global and compelling. Hardy’s legacy will be a future for these magnificent and intelligent living treasures of the sea.

founder Sea Shepherd Conservancy Society, Whale Wars
+ Testimonial from Ted Danson – actor, ocean activist
Hardy Jones
Hardy Jones has written a book that takes us through the phenomenal, almost unimaginable, world of dolphins in the wild and his thirty-year efforts to protect dolphins from the brutal hand of dolphin hunters and ocean contamination.

actor, member, board of directors Oceana, co-founder
+ Testimonial from Kirkus Reviews
In this compelling memoir, Jones, best known for his documentaries on marine life, recounts his experience filming and interacting with dolphins. Jones writes in an engaging, conversational tone and readers will find the segments describing human interaction with wild dolphins fascinating as they attempt to communicate through an underwater piano and a dolphin call generator. Accounts of the marine mammals’ sheer intelligence are astounding. In more personal sections, Jones juxtaposes his film work with his battle with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer linked to the same toxic chemicals that affect dolphins. Indeed, a central theme of the book is that the animals face an uncertain future, threatened by destructive fishing techniques and a rising number of ocean contaminants. A moving, effective tale that urges readers to place greater importance on environmental conservation.

+ Testimonial from Ric O'Barry – star of The Cove
Hardy Jones has been there – in the open sea with friendly dolphins from the Bahamas to South Pacific atolls and at Iki and Taiji, Japan where he has worked to save these marvelous creatures from slaughter. His book is a riveting and highly personal story covering thirty years of extraordinary work. A call to action to save not just dolphins but the oceans and ourselves.

star of The Cove and internationally renowned dolphin expert
+ Testimonial from Chris Palmer – professor, American University
Hardy Jones has an incredible compassion for wild animals. He has put this compassion to work in Japan for over 30 years to save dolphins from slaughter and has saved the lives of literally thousands of these beautiful creatures. Both his films and his writings are compelling and reflect his profound passion for the natural world. This book is a riveting and inspiring true-life story and I urge you to read it.

Wildlife Film Producer, Author of Shooting In The Wild. Distinguished professor in residence, American University
+ Testimonial from Julia Whitty -  environmental correspondent, Mother Jones
Ultimately, this is a story of hope and inspiration from a man whose life has been entwined with the lives of wild dolphins for more than three decades. Hardy Jones has always done what others said couldn’t be done: entering the dolphins’ world, meeting them on their terms, and reporting back to us through film and in writing. In this vivid, intelligent and timely memoir, Hardy shares his wonder, investigates his concerns, and reminds us that our fates are collectively entwined—whether we are beings of the land or the sea.

author The Fragile Edge, Deep Blue Home, John Burroughs Medal, Pen-USA Literary Award and other award-winning books, Environmental Correspondent at Mother Jones
+ Testimonial from Lori Marino – neuroscientist & marine mammal expert
Hardy Jones is a rare combination of brilliant documentarian, journalist and dolphin advocate who captures the beauty and intelligence of these magnificent beings while educating us about the stunning array of human-made hazards and abuses they must navigate in order to live. And he shows us, in personal and chilling detail, how the fates of dolphins and humans are ultimately bound together.

neuroscientist and marine mammal expert, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology and Faculty Affiliate, Center for Ethics, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
+ Testimonial from Louie Psihoyos – director, The Cove
Hardy Jones has written an engaging, heartfelt memoir of his life with dolphins that will resonate with any ocean advocate.

Oscar-winning Director of The Cove