The Voice of the Dolphins by Hardy Jones

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Dolphin Videos


Dolphins Protect Cameraman from Hammerhead Shark

Video: Dolphins protect human from shark

Length: 1:05

While filming a group of dolphins I noticed a large Atlantic hammerhead shark approaching me in attack mode. Four dolphins intervened to protect me. I'm glad I was able to film such and incredible example of dolphins' friendly attitude toward people. Hardy Jones



Rangi Dolphins

Video: Bottlenose Dolphins

Length: 4:39 minutes

Bottlenose dolphins observe themselves in the dome port of cameraman Hardy Jones 20 feet deep off Rangiroa Atoll. This behavior duplicates experiments done with mirrors that show dolphins are self-aware.



What Kind Of Fish Is This?

Video: Spotted Dolphins

Length: 18 seconds

A spotted dolphin encounters a wind up fish in the Bahamas, a present from BlueVoice divers. The dolphin is amazed and tries to prey stun the fish but of course this does not work.

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